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Mount Ida College

Pharmacy Network Information


Beginning with the 2017-2018 policy year, the prescription drug program is available through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Detailed information about BCBS's Pharmacy program is available here:
Blue Cross MA Pharmacy Coverage.

On their site you can:

  • Find a participating pharmacy ( select the "Traditional" network)
  • Search for a specific drug and its cost
  • Find out how to save money using the Mail Service Program
  • Learn more about Specialty Drugs, or drugs that may require Step Therapy or a Prior Authorization.

Please note, Exclusive Home Delivery & Select Home Delivery programs are not applicable to your student health insurance program.

Prescription Override Option

For students who are traveling abroad and need to fill multiple months of a prescription prior to their departure, download the following information. Return the Override Request Form to

BCBS Prescription Override FAQ

BCBS Prescription Override Request Form

For the 2016-2017 policy year the pharmacy program was through the UHC Pharmacy Program.

To locate a participating pharmacy, call United at 1-855-828-7716 or visit and click on "Student Health Insurance & Plans".