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Texas Southern University

Provider Network Information

How Do I Find an In-Network Provider?

The network for this plan is PHCS/Multiplan.

1. Visit and click on "Select Network" then "PHCS."

2. In the search box, enter the type of doctor or other provider you are looking for, such as "Primary Care Physician" or "Urgent Care."

3. Click the link after "Near" to open a box where you can key in your ZIP Code or current location.

4. You will see a list of medical providers near you. Select one, then call the provider's office to make an appointment. You don't need an appointment for urgent care.

Payment of Covered Expenses for In-Network Providers is based on the Insurer's Negotiated Rate. In-Network Providers have agreed to accept the Negotiated Rate as payment in full.

All Physician Visit Copayments or Deductibles for an Injury or Sickness are waived if treatment is received at a Recognized Student Health Center, or if the initial treatment for an Injury or Sickness is received at the Recognized Student Health Center.

If a Covered Person requires Emergency treatment of an Injury or Sickness and incurs Covered Expenses at an Out-of-Network Provider, Covered Expenses for the Emergency medical care rendered during the course of the Emergency will be treated as if they had been incurred at an In-Network Provider.

If a Covered Person incurs Covered Expenses for services or supplies that are not of the type provided by any In-Network Provider within a 50-mile radius of where the Covered Person is currently residing, these Covered Expenses will be treated as if they had been incurred at an In-Network Provider.

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