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Student Health Center

Student Health Services at USF

Whether you are sick or injured, managing a chronic health problem or working at developing a healthier lifestyle, Student Health Services is here to help! It is the mission of SHS is to provide students with high quality health care and education to strengthen student learning and promote lifelong success through health and wellness.

Students who develop a healthy lifestyle in an environment that supports healthy choices are likely to have the best academic outcomes. The services provided by SHS, in collaboration with the other Wellness USF departments, can help you achieve and maintain this healthy lifestyle, and thereby support your academic success.

Main Line: 813-974-2331

Monday: 8a to 5:30p
Tuesday: 8a to 6:30p
Wednesday: 8a* to 6:30p
Thursday: 8a to 5:30p
Friday: 8a to 5:30p

Click for location information & complete hours of operation*

Visit this site: www.shs.usf.edu