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Student Health Center

Student Health Model

Elizabethtown College, in collaboration with Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, will provide comprehensive clinical health services for our students, while continuing to promote a healthy climate on campus.

This 3-pronged effort includes:

  1. direct medical care
  2. self-care resources, and
  3. programs to promote personal well-being.

Medical Care

Students will receive medical care at Penn State Hershey Medical Group Elizabethtown, close to campus at One Continental Drive. [See map]

Walk-ins are welcome, though an appointment may shorten your waiting time. Our College Health Liaison, a nurse practitioner, and two physicians are ready to assist you.

The College Health Liaison can be reached directly at (717) 489-1021. After hours, call Campus Security (717)361-1264 to be connected to a triage nurse. [Click for more information]

Self Care

Free self-help kits in RA offices and Campus Security contain information and supplies for:

  • cold
  • nausea and vomiting
  • headaches - muscle strains
  • bee stings
  • cut and blisters
  • flu kits

Self-care articles for a variety of conditions are available on this website. We also encourage you to visit The WELL for resources for staying healthy.

Personal Well-Being

A sense of well-being involves much more than just not being sick. Elizabethtown College offers tools and resources to help you flourish in all areas of life!

S.P.A.R.C.s (Students Promoting Awareness of Responsible Choices) offer fun and educational programming throughout the year in residence halls and elsewhere.

The WELL is the College's own comprehensive website offering resources and for maximizing your physical, intellectual, social, career, and spiritual potential.

Keep an eye out in the BSC this fall, for soon the WELL will exist not just in cyberspace, but in physical space as well. (Watch this page for updates!)

Visit this site: www.etown.edu/HealthServices.aspx


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