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Student Health Center

The Weaver Wellness Suite

***PLEASE NOTE: EMU Student Health Services is considered an In-Network Provider under the Student Health Insurance Plan.

A goal of EMU health services is to promote wellness and to encourage students to become responsible for their own health. The center sponsors preventive programs that address the various needs of young adults, such as nutrition, human sexuality, substance abuse, weight control, exercise and stress.

Fees for Health Care Services

EMU health services directly bills students’ insurance companies rather than charging student accounts. At the time of service, all students provide their insurance card and pay the co-pay that is associated with their insurance provider. Co-pays may be paid in either cash, check or with a credit/debit card.

Students need to bring their health insurance card to every Health Center appointment. Individuals without insurance need to pay at the time of service by cash, check, or credit/debit card.

Location & Contact Info

EMU health services is located on the second floor of the University Commons in the Weaver Wellness Suite. Contact health services offices at 540-432-4308 or healthservices@emu.edu. Fax documents like immunization records to 540-432-4099.

Visit this site: www.emu.edu/studentlife/health/