Student Health Insurance

Since 1994, Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk has created customized student health insurance programs to meet your unique needs.  We are not just selling you health insurance, but a comprehensive health insurance program to ensure the well-being of your students, the optimization of your on-campus medical and mental health services and the long-term financial viability of your Program.

A diverse group of industry insurance specialists. Providing solutions to meet your needs.

Gallagher Student is an expert in the field of state insurance regulations, health insurance trends, federal Healthcare Reform, and PPACA. We will help you understand the changes on the horizon and how they will impact your institution.

The strategic alliances we form with insurance companies and claims administrators is one key in our success, it allows for creativity and flexibility in building an insurance plan that fits your school's needs and also accommodates the many nuances of the educational insurance market. At Gallagher Student, we select our strategic partners based on their financial strength and commitment to the education insurance market. We will work with our strategic partners to ensure a seamless integration of their services for your institution.

At Gallagher Student, we understand each institution is different, therefore we offer enhancements to complement your customized health insurance program:

  • Consulting Services
  • Dental Savings Plan
  • Sports Accident Coverage
  • Stand-Alone Products
  • Vision Plan
  • Worldwide Travel Assistance Services