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Consulting Services

As experts in the insurance market, we offer comprehensive consulting and brokerage services to find the best solutions for your organization.

Program Review

Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk analyzes all aspects of a client's current program to assess it against industry trends, peer institutions and market conditions, in order to establish a "best practice" baseline comparison. This process allows us to determine the current needs of your institution and its student population.

Our expertise in the student insurance market guarantees we will develop a plan that provides an appropriate level of coverage for students, a quality carrier, and access to benefits while students are on campus, at home, or traveling abroad. Additionally, we will address any unique benefits or other plan stipulations that may impact your plan.

Marketing Your Plan

After a full plan review, our team identifies the appropriate strategic partners to match the school's needs and desires. As an independent insurance broker, Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk is not limited in the insurance carriers/markets that we are able to approach on your behalf.

We work with our strategic partners to ensure the objectives of the program are met, and present the most viable plan options for review and consideration each year for renewal.

Renewal Planning

Our Account Executives will coordinate the process of gathering information, creating the submission, arranging carrier meetings (both current carriers and prospective carriers), and leading negotiation of competitive and comprehensive terms. We will present the best alternatives to ensure that your institution receives the most appropriate financial terms for your programs.

Custom Plan Monitoring and Reporting

As part of our brokerage/consulting and account management services, Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk provides quarterly executive summaries that outline the insurance programs' performance year-to-date and year-over-year. Our reports break out the enrollment information by coverage type and period and claims information by type, frequency, size and student category. This provides critical data to evaluate the plans' performance and any areas for improvement going forward.

Legislative Consultation and Marketplace Reporting

As one of Gallagher's professional standards, we stay informed and current with state and federal regulatory and legislative developments. We utilize our in-depth knowledge of state insurance regulations, health insurance trends, and more than a decade of healthcare and insurance experience to design customized student medical, excess accident insurance and sports accident insurance specifications that ensure our clients' needs are met in the insurance marketplace.

Additional Consulting Services

Other risk management consultation for services on student health topics include:

  • Management of the Request for Proposal Process:  We can assist with the complete process from initial RFP development, to evaluation of proposals, to recommendation of a finalist.
  • Claims investigation and management: Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk would dedicate a client service team to service your program. Members of the client service team would be available to assist with general day-to-day tasks as well as research and assist with claims adjudication. As the broker, Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk is an advocate for your school and students and will work to obtain a timely and accurate resolve with any claims adjudication issue.
  • Developing waiver provisions: Of the schools that Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk manages, approximately 90% have an insurance requirement or hard waiver enrollment method. Consequently, we have a large pool of best practices with other higher education clients to share in developing specific waiver provisions.
  • Online waiver submission: To manage and control the quality of data collected to accept the waiver.
  • Verification of current health insurance: Our reporting capabilities allow us to audit waiver submissions to confirm viability of the submission per campus/system requirements.