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What is a Preferred Provider?

Beginning with the 2013-2014 policy year, a Preferred Provider is a doctor, hospital or other health care provider that participates regionally in the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Network or nationally in the UnitedHealthcare Options PPO Network.

The advantage to using a Preferred Provider is that these providers have contracted to provide specific medical care at negotiated prices. Out-of-Network providers have not agreed to any prearranged fees. Consequently, when insured students use Preferred Providers, their out-of-pocket expenses will generally be lower because any applicable cost sharing will be based on a Preferred Allowance.

The insured person should be aware that Preferred Provider hospitals may be staffed with Out-of-Network providers. Receiving services or care from an Out-of-Network provider at a Preferred Provider hospital does not guarantee that all charges will be paid at the Preferred Provider level of benefits. However, if a Covered Medical Expense is incurred due to a Medical Emergency, benefits will be paid at the Preferred Provider level of benefits.

2013-2014 Policy Year Preferred Provider Networks

To find a Harvard Pilgrim Preferred Provider located in MA, NH, or ME:

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To find a provider outside of MA, NH, and ME please go to UnitedHealthcare Options PPO:

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To find a participating Behavioral Health provider in the United Behavioral Health Network:

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For the 2012-2013 policy year the Preferred Provider Network was First Health. To find a First Health provider:

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