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Welcome Southern Illinois University Carbondale Students

Attention Fall Students: The deadline to submit the 2018-2019 Southern Illinois University Waiver Form has passed and you cannot submit a waiver form at this time for the Fall Semester. No exceptions will be made by either Gallagher Student or the University.

This site has been designed especially for you to provide information about the Student Health Insurance Plan.

On this site you can:

  • Review and download the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) brochure, Frequently Asked Questions or SHIP Summary Description under "My Benefits and Plan Information"
  • Submit a waiver form
  • Learn more about discounts and wellness services available to you
  • Email Gallagher Student or engage in live chat using the "Live Help" icon.

The Student Health Insurance Plan provides health insurance coverage that compliments the on-campus primary care services, covering off-campus services such as emergency room, hospitalizations, surgery, ambulance and specialty care. Students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan as a condition of SIUC enrollment, registration and the assessment of the Student Health Benefit Fee.

My Account: Click on 'Account Home' to view your personal coverage information, edit your primary address, or generate an ID card.