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Welcome Southern Illinois University Carbondale Students

The Student Medical Insurance Plan provides health insurance coverage that compliments the on-campus primary care services, covering off-campus services such as emergency room, hospitalizations, surgery, ambulance and specialty care. Students are automatically enrolled in the Student Medical Insurance Plan (SMIP) as a condition of SIUC enrollment, registration and the assessment of the Student Medical Benefit Fee.

Online Spring Petition Process

If there were extenuating circumstances that prevented you from meeting the Spring waiver deadline, you can submit an Online Petition to Waive after the Deadline form. To access this form, please click the Log In link at the top right to create a user account or log in with your existing credentials. Once logged in, click on 'Petition to Waive' under 'Student Access' and select the Petition Form.

The Petition to Waive process acts as a second level appeal for all students who missed the published waiver deadline. Submission of a petition to waive does NOT guarantee approval.

Please Note: Your Online Petition to Waive Form will be processed within 10 business days of receiving your eligibility from your college/university. Once your Petition to Waive has been processed, you may check the status on line through "My Account". In addition, notification of the petition decision will be sent via US mail to the address provided on the form.

Attention Spring Students: The deadline to submit the Petition to Waive form is February 6, 2015.