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Welcome UK International Students and Scholars

While participating in international educational programs or activities, it is important that you are covered by a quality health insurance plan. The UK ISS Plan offers you the coverage that you need when you come to the U.S. to study at a College/University.

All international students, scholars, or other persons with a current passport who: 1) are engaged in educational activities; 2) are temporarily located outside his/her home country as a non-resident alien; and 3) have not enrolled in an English language or similar program or an Optional Practical Training Program or with an F or J visa are also eligible to enroll in the plan.

Plan Highlights Include:

  • Bronze, Silver, and Gold plan monthly-rated options which allow you to choose a plan that meets your needs
  • Wellness care including routine physicals covered at 100%
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Worldwide 24-hour Assistance Services including medical evacuation and repatriation

Please refer to the Policy Document under 'My Benefits & Plan Information' for complete details of coverage, exclusions and limitations.