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Pharmacy Network Information

The prescription drug program is available through CVS Caremark. CVS Caremark is an independent company that provides pharmacy benefit management services to CareFirst members.

To locate a pharmacy or learn more about Caremark's pharmacy benefits, go to www.carefirst.com/rx or contact CVS Caremark's Customer Service at (800) 241-3371.

To access the formulary drug list: www.member.carefirst.com/members/drug-pharmacy-information/drug-search.page .

Prescriptions must be filled at a CVS Caremark participating pharmacy. Show your ID card when filling a prescription to be charged the applicable copayments for your prescription drug program.

If you paid for a prescription at a pharmacy and need to be reimbursed, please click here for a Pharmacy Reimbursement Form. /p>

Mail Service Prescription Drug Program

Students can fill a prescription for up to a 90-day supply using the Pharmacy Mail Service Prescription Drug Program. Mail order Prescription Drugs are available at 2.5 times the retail copay.

For information about the Mail Service Program click here. To print a CVS Caremark Mail Service Order Form, click here.

Students with unique clinical needs or for chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, hepatitis C and hemophilia who need specialty drugs, can take advantage of the CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy Coordination Program. To learn more, click here.