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University of Maryland,  Baltimore

Provider Network Information

Who are Preferred Providers?

A Preferred Provider is a doctor, hospital or other health care provider that participates in the Care First Preferred Provider Network.

The advantage to using a Preferred Provider is that these providers have agreed to accept a predetermined fee or preferred allowance as payment for their services. Out-of-Network providers have not agreed to any prearranged fee schedule. Consequently, when insured students use Preferred Providers, Out-of-Pocket expenses will be less because any applicable co-payment will be based on a preferred allowance.

The insured person should be aware that Preferred Provider hospitals may be staffed with Out-of- Network providers. Receiving services or care from an Out-of-Network provider at a Preferred Provider hospital does not guarantee that all charges will be paid at the Preferred Provider level of benefits.

How do I find a Care First Provider?

Click on the following link and select the type of provider you're trying to find - Medical, Mental Health, Dental, Vision, Pharmacy.

  • For Medical and Mental Health providers select "BluePreferred PPO"

  • For Dental providers select "Preferred Dental(PPO)"

  • For Vision providers select BlueVision | BlueVision Plus | Pediatric Vision Plans (Davis Vision).