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Who are Preferred Providers?

A Preferred Provider is a doctor, hospital or other health care provider that participates in the Care First BlueCross BlueShield PPO Network.

The advantage to using a Preferred Provider is that these providers have agreed to accept a predetermined fee or preferred allowance as payment for their services. Out-of-Network providers have not agreed to any prearranged fee schedule. Consequently, when insured students use Preferred Providers, Out-of-Pocket expenses will be less because any applicable co-payment will be based on a preferred allowance.

The insured person should be aware that Preferred Provider hospitals may be staffed with Out-of- Network providers. Receiving services or care from an Out-of-Network provider at a Preferred Provider hospital does not guarantee that all charges will be paid at the Preferred Provider level of benefits.

How do I find a Care First BlueCross BlueShield Preferred PPO Provider?

Students looking for a CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield provider may use the below link and select the "BluePreferred" Network for medical providers:

  • When looking for medical providers outside of the CareFirst service area (Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia) click on the BlueCross BlueShield National Doctor and Hospital Finder link in the yellow block.
    Enter the alpha prefix: XWV or select the BlueCard PPO/EPO network. You may also call 800-810-2583.
  • To locate Dental providers click on Dental at the top of the page followed by Preferred Dental (PPO) under “Plan.”
  • To locate a Vision provider click on the Vision tab at the top of the page and then BlueVision | BlueVision Plus | Pediatric Vision Plans (Davis Vision).

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Searching for Worldwide Providers?

The BlueCard Worldwide program includes medical assistance services and an expanded network of health care providers throughout the world. If a member requires medical attention while traveling outside the U.S., call BlueCard Access at 800-810-2583. A medical assistance coordinator will arrange hospitalization, if necessary, or make an appointment with a physician.
Members may access “Locate Doctors Worldwide” through the BCBS National Doctor and Hospital Finder (lower section of the page. :

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